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As large as your tree is as useful as you are

ورأيت من باع الأصالة يرتدي .. ثوباً غريباً مشمئزاً مائلاً سأظل وحدي طول عمري ثابتاً .. لا أرتضي للمكرمات بدائلاً

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Things happen in our lives for a reason, some can not be seen from the first sight it must be lived to feel it
I applied to be a writer in  and after two days I got the answer "you are welcomed to productive Muslim writers" this was the greatest mail I have ever had I started to count how man people I can reach by writing in this site and how many "7asanat" I will gain in shaa' Allah; but after writing my first article "waswasah" and how to fight shaitan's waswasah and your nafs I found something amazing I learnt more than anyone of my readers will learn
I am not the perfect one to learn from I am trying to be a role model but I am a human I may do things wrong at least I see myself like that but what really amazed me is : I read, kept thinking, evaluated, filtered and decided.
I read a lot to find steps
I thought alooot to find the best ways
I thought in what I read to filter it to write something not very restricted and at the same time not  trivial
I evaluated these steps and ways by trying them to make sure they work properly.
I learnt a lot through reading, I got information, I knew point of view and its contradictory and I switched my brain on to choose which one is the right one  according to my religion based onQura'an and Sunnah
Productive muslim you added tons to me before I actually add a word to you
I think I am blessed
الحمد لله العلّي العظيم


  1. :):):):) That's amazing ya Hend, mashaa'Allah :):) Rabbena yekremak and you'd be a great writer on that site, inshaa'Allah :)

  2. ameen ya rab =) Jazaky ALlah kol Khayr =)))
    i hope bgd ed3ily =))

  3. Rabena Yewafa2ek ya Hend :)
    This website "" is the most useful site I have ever seen in Islam.

    And I know you from your article in that website, it is very interesting and actually i like it more when i read "About the Author" section :)

    I feel very happy that an Egyptian girl wrote it, WOW Mashaa ALLAH :)
    and I think the charity is "Resala" and i think that you are one of Dr. Shrief Abdl Azem Students :)

    anyway, glad to know you Hend
    God bless you girl.

  4. yes i love the website very much i learned alooot from it =)
    really!! i am honored by this :$
    yes it was Resala but i am not one of Dr.Sherif students unfortunately.
    it's my honor really, stay in contact and give me feedback anytime you want =)
    JAK =)

  5. MashaAllah MashaAllah... I just read your article, JazakAllahu Khair. One thing that struck me and which I love is that you gave your perspective as a writer on your blog. This helps the aspiring writers to get familiar with the behind-the-scene process. I am a big fan of Thank you for writing both the posts. :) Assalamoalikum warehmatullahi wabarakaty

  6. jazak Allah khair =) you gave me a great push forward, i am preparing for a new article for productive muslim isa pray for me =)
    i was blessed by joining this amazing site it's really a bless Al-Hamdu l Allah really =) i hope you like the articles and posts.
    giving feedback anytime would make me happy.Jazak Allah kol Khair