This represents my life tree; its leaves are my beliefs which i live by and believe in.

As large as your tree is as useful as you are

ورأيت من باع الأصالة يرتدي .. ثوباً غريباً مشمئزاً مائلاً سأظل وحدي طول عمري ثابتاً .. لا أرتضي للمكرمات بدائلاً

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My soul mate =)

We met 7 years ago =)
Each year we understood each other more and more
Me may Argue  alooot
But our ship will always survive
Will always save each other
To just be صحبة صالحة
No one can understand my eyes like her =)
No one can predict 500% correctly what my comment would be in any situation, my opinion and know what I will like more
I believe we will be like this forever  isa =)
Enter Jannah together =) happilly =)
No one can understand me like u =) and no one can never be like u =)
I believe that bride wars movie was for us =)
We may hurt each other but to learn how to be better for each other =)
Will never forget our crazy outings ;) you will understand me ;)
Will never forget being under the stars in front of the sea =)
Actually I don't have the option of forgetting u, because you are in every single event happened in my life every tiny thing happened you were part of it <3
اللهم اجمعنا في الآخرة في الفردوس الأعلي  كما جمعتنا في الدنيا
و أجعلنا ممن تظلهم بظلك يوم لا ظل إلا ظلك
و اجمعنا في الجنة مع خير خلقك سيدنا محمد =')

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