This represents my life tree; its leaves are my beliefs which i live by and believe in.

As large as your tree is as useful as you are

ورأيت من باع الأصالة يرتدي .. ثوباً غريباً مشمئزاً مائلاً سأظل وحدي طول عمري ثابتاً .. لا أرتضي للمكرمات بدائلاً

Saturday, February 12, 2011

If it starts again

I wish my life starts all over again
I learnt from every single pain
How to concentrate on the gain
And to never neglect stain
To protect values which for me are the main
To never commit a sin
Even if it  will make me  a sovereign
Even if it will erase all the pain
I will never trade Jannah with lower life gain =) 

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