This represents my life tree; its leaves are my beliefs which i live by and believe in.

As large as your tree is as useful as you are

ورأيت من باع الأصالة يرتدي .. ثوباً غريباً مشمئزاً مائلاً سأظل وحدي طول عمري ثابتاً .. لا أرتضي للمكرمات بدائلاً

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Were and Became

A week a go my life was different
All my dreams were just
Getting B this year in my college
Be able to choose my graduation project next year
Invest in youth and influence people 
Getting married and having a little cute girl I raise her up to be like al sayeda khadiga
My only dream that I can get back safely to street without getting shot
My only dream when my mother goes out to buy anything that  she gets back to home safely
My dream that I have future in this country
My only dream that youth who I dreamt to invest in to just unite again and look beyond what you see, beyond your anger and see the planned subversion from outside
SEE IT EGYPTIONS !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. hend ana 7lmt bas be saydna 3alley :) 3shan ykon hwa ISALLAH ely 7yrga3 2omet 7abib elbashar :D sala allah 3lyeh wa salam :)
    اللهم إنا أمناك على بيوتنا وعلى على بلادنا وعلى أهلنا وعلى أولادنا وعلى أموالنا وأحفظهم فأنت خير حافظ وأنت أرحم الراحمين...اميييييين يا رب